Dr. Kristine Setting Clark

CLARK HEAD SHOTDr. Kristine Setting Clark – San Francisco State University and University of San Francisco graduate and author Dr. Kristine Setting Clark was a long-time feature writer for the San Francisco 49ers’ and Dallas Cowboys’ Gameday Magazine. A gifted athlete in her own right, physical education teacher, wife, mother, and later, a high school administrator and college professor, Dr. Clark has never let anything stand in the way of her goals; not even a life threatening bout with Hodgkin’s Disease, blindness in both eyes for ten months, and the resulting partial blindness, at age 26. Her passion for life, her incredible optimism, and her drive to live life to the fullest has endeared her to her former students, friends and to those on whom she’s written, including her childhood football idol and close friend, Bob St. Clair of the San Francisco 49ers.

Besides Undefeated, Untied, and Uninvited: A Documentary of the 1951 University of San Francisco Dons’ Football Team, she has authored nine other books: Legends of the Hall: 1950s, St Clair: I’ll Take It Raw: The life of former San Francisco 49er and Hall of Fame member, Bob St. Clair (foreword by Gino Marchetti), Lilly: A Cowboy’s Story – The life of former Dallas Cowboys and Hall of Fame member, Bob Lilly (foreword by Roger Staubach),Title: Nothing Comes Easy – The life of former football great and Hall of Fame