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Donate to Gridiron Greats at No Cost Through Viking Capital

viking capital supports gridiron greats assistance fund

Viking Capital Charitable GiftingWe are excited to bring you an opportunity to help raise money for Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund.   The great thing about this new opportunity is the fact that it will NOT cost you any money!


Gridiron Greats has teamed up with Viking Capital and we’ve come up with a great way to raise money via merchant processing.  Viking is working with a number of charities across the country.  They will match your current merchant processing fees.  They will never raise your rates.  Viking will then pay 50% of their net profits off your account to the Gridiron Greats!


Did you know that every time that a business accepts a credit card from a customer a sales representative gets paid a commission?   In most cases this commission is 50% of net fees.  With Viking, they will match your current credit card rates and fees penny for penny, never raise your rates, and re‐direct the funds that are generally paid as a commission every month to some sales rep you probably don’t know to the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund.   This passive charitable donation will continue as long as you continue to process with Viking.  Now you can continuously support us without it affecting your bottom line.


It’s just that simple.  Switch to Viking and enjoy the same fees, no raised rates, and the feeling of knowing your company did something good to help someone in need.  Please check out the below website:  www.vikingcares.com/gridirongreats/


It’s that simple.


Here’s a list of even more reasons to make the switch:


  1. Viking will match your current processing rates.
  2. Viking will pay 50% of net fees to Gridiron Greats.
  3. Gridiron Greats will receive a donation on a monthly basis.
  4. The Business Will Process With The Largest Banks in the World.
  5. The Business Will Receive Free 24 Hour Customer Service.
  6. Beneficial “Cause Marketing” for the business.
  7. Viking will NEVER raise their rates.
  8.  All with No Reduction of Services and Benefits.

Please Contact NFL Veteran Mike Sherrard With Any Questions.  Mike played in the NFL for eleven years (1986-1996).  He was a former first round draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys.  The wide receiver out of UCLA also won a Super Bowl with theSan Francisco49ers in 1990.  Sherrard has campaigned to help the plight of past players and he is really passionate that charitable gifting through merchant services is the best he’s ever seen.  You can reach Mike Sherrard at (310) 709‐9349.


Thank you for your time and we hope you’ll be switching to Viking today!


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