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Donate to Gridiron Greats at No Cost with Viking Cares

Viking Cares GGAF Donations

Viking Cares Gridiron Greats Assistance FuncGridiron Greats Assistance Fund is excited to announce that you can now donate to Gridiron Greats at absolutely no out-of-pocket cost!  This is big news.  We are hoping you will join this amazing program highlighted below to help us change lives.  And remember, it costs you absolutely nothing.

Viking Capital is a merchant processing company, working with businesses to enhance their credit card processing experience.  Viking uses creative, forward-thinking strategies to transform merchant processing, viewed as nothing more than an expense, into a valuable asset for businesses. With their Charitable Gifting through Merchant Services (CGMS) Program, Viking enables companies to give back to their communities and grow brand loyalty.

According to Viking, “our goal for our Charitable Gifting through Merchant Services (CGMS) Program is simply to help provide desperately needed funds to our partner charities. In a recessionary economy with individual donors often stretched thin, it becomes more and more difficult for charities to obtain the funds necessary to operate and help those in need.”

“Every time that a business accepts a credit card from a customer, a sales representative gets paid a commission. In most cases, this commission is up to 50% of net fees. With Viking’s CGMS program, we will match your current credit card rates and fees penny for penny but re-direct the funds that are generally paid as a commission every month to Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund. This passive charitable donation will continue as long as you continue to process with Viking. It’s that simple.”

If your business uses Viking as a merchant processor, 50% of net credit card processing fees will be used to support our worthy cause.  If you are not using Viking as a merchant processor, please consider making the switch.  As stated above, Viking promises to match your current credit card rates penny for penny, never raise your rates, and re-direct the sales commissions to Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund.  It’s a great way for your business to help without an out-of-pocket cost.  Join Viking Cares Merchant Services today.   (http://www.vikingcares.com/gridirongreats/)


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