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Additional Player Assistance Resources

There are several programs administered by the National Football League and National Football League Players Association you may be entitled to apply.

NFL Player Benefits Office – 1-800-638-3186
The NFL Player Benefits Office provides administration services for the following collectively bargained benefit plans: Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL Player Retirement Plan, NFL Player Supplemental Disability Plan, NFL Player Second Career Savings Plan, NFL Player Annuity Program and the Gene Upshaw NFL Player Health Reimbursement Account Plan. By calling 1-800-638-3186 or logging onto, players can get information regarding which benefits they are eligible to receive, the amount of the benefit, and when and how they can receive the benefits they have earned. The Plan Office has customer service agents who are trained to help you understand and apply for your NFL benefits. They can also answer general questions regarding other collectively bargained benefits that are not administered by the Plan Office and direct players to other resources and benefits available through the NFL or the NFLPA.

NFL Player Care Foundation – 1-800-635-4625
The Player Care Foundation (PCF) is an independent organization dedicated to helping retired players improve their quality of life. The PCF provides retired players assistance in two major areas: financial grants and our Healthy Body & Mind Screening Program. Assistance includes:

Basic living expenses, including transportation and utilities. Shelter and housing, including rental and mortgage assistance, and assisted living facilities fees and expenses. Ongoing quality of life expenses such as prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies, nursing care, and medical treatment. Medically-necessary joint replacement surgeries approved by the NFL Player Care Plan and related post-operative rehabilitation, including incidental fees and expenses.

Gene Upshaw Player Assistance Trust Fund – NFLPA – 800-372-2000 ext 161
The Professional Athletes Foundation created the Gene Upshaw Player Assistance Trust Fund (GUPAT) to provide financial support to any professional and amateur football player or his immediate family in times of financial crisis. The GU PAT is governed by the elected board of directors for the Professional Athletes Foundation, which oversees all aspects of the funding process. To obtain forms please contact number above.

The 88 Plan – 800-638-3186
The 88 Plan provides financial reimbursement for care costs of vested players who diagnoses of dementia, ALS, or Parkinson’s disease. To learn more and obtain forms for the 88 Plan, call the Player Benefits Administration Office.

NFL Legends Program – 855-­4PE-­2472
The NFL Legends Community is designed to connect former players with each other, their former teams, and the NFL. The National Football League recognizes the contributions former players have made to the success of the game. The NFL Legends Community was developed to celebrate and embrace all of these Legends. Our mission is to bring opportunities and information to Legends and keep them connected to the game they played and built to be America’s favorite sport.

NFL Player Engagement – 855-473-2472
The mission of Player Engagement is to optimize and revolutionize the personal and professional growth of football players through continuous guidance and support before, during and beyond their NFL experience. NFL Player Engagement prepares and supports players with matters such as Physical and Mental Health, Family Safety, Lifestyle and Transition into post-NFL life.

The Trust – Powered by the NFLPA –866-725-0063
The Trust is a set of resources, programs and services designed to provide former players with the support, skills and tools to help ensure success off the field and in life after football. They chose The Trust as the name of the program to convey their core values and what they stand for. They are there to serve players and earn their trust through continued interaction, relationship building, and feedback.

NFL Medicare Supplement Program 1-800-638-3186
Pays $120 a month toward the premium for coverage under a Medicare supplemental insurance program.

NFL Long-Term Care Insurance 1-800-638-3186
Covers assistance provided to a person who has a severe cognitive impairment requiring continual supervision or is unable to perform the activities of daily living. Coverage for spouses of former players is also available.


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Health Care Reform requires all Americans to have health insurance in 2014 or pay a penalty. Some of you may be covered by your employer or spouses insurance. We also understand that some of you have other factors that prevented you from obtaining coverage in the past such as pre-existing conditions or the cost of coverage. To help you understand and comply with the new law, the NFL is offering a free service to any retired player and his family who have questions on what they need to know to buy health insurance.

This free service will be available each weekday from 9am-8pm ET. The Customer Service Advocates answering the phones are there to assist you and answer your questions. Selecting health insurance is an important decision and it may take more than one conversation to decide which health coverage is best suited to you and your family. Federal Law gives you until March 31, 2014 to make that decision, and the Advocates will be available to you throughout that time (although keep in mind that you need to apply by December 15, 2013 if you want coverage starting on January 1, 2014).

In additional to the NFL Health Care Information Hotline number of 1-800-NFL-GOAL (1-800-635-4625), the NFL has set up a website to help you learn about the program, Federal law, and point you toward your options for coverage – log onto